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    About Us

    How We're Helping

    Libros Abiertos is a Los Angeles based community group dedicated to providing books and educational materials to people in prison (in any state), as well as, at risk youth and underfunded schools within the community. We continually fight the war on illiteracy and the systemic racism and financial segregation that prevents many individuals from furthering their literacy and pursuing their educational goals.

    Why is it important that we send books for prisoners?

    Seventy percent of inmates in US prisons cannot read above a 4th grade level

    Re-conviction rates of correctional education and literacy participants were 21% as compared to 35% of the non-participants.

    Literacy is perhaps of most concern for inmates who are nearing their expected date of release because they will need to find jobs outside of prison. In general, 62% of inmates are expected to be released within 2 years.

    Why is it important to provide books for at risk youth?

    60 percent of teens in the US do not read at grade level

    And 43% of adults with low literacy live in poverty 

    As you can see reading and literacy are intrinsically connected to reducing crime and poverty and providing people with the opportunity for a better quality of life.

    Get Involved

    Our goal is to get free literature and educational materials into the hands of people who need it and we are in need of your support. We need books, books and more books. If you have books to donate or know of a place to organize a book drive please contact us at aimee@librosabiertos.org.

    Thank You

    Whether you help through volunteering your time, donating a book or two, joining us in our mission or by spreading our goals by word-of-mouth.  We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.

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    What will a $5 donation fund? 

    Either one paperback, a used GED textbook, 4 composition books, a dictionary or youth novel. For books sent to prisoners, it costs about $3 to mail each package.

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